Welcome to the CERN Irradiation Facilities website.

The website information are public, however some sections are oriented to the CERN community.

December 2016: Database filled to the best of our knowledge with existing data compilation from CERN departments and the collection made in RADECS 2011. Validation from facility owners ongoing.


The Proton Irradiation Facility is located on the T8 beam-line in the Meyrin site East Area of the 24 GeV Proton Synchrotron (PS).

The new Gamma Irradiation Facility (GIF++) is located in the North Area. It combines a 15 TBq 137Cs source with a high-energy particle beam from the SPS H4 beam line.

The Cern High energy AcceleRator Mixed field facility (CHARM), located in the East Area, features a wide spectrum of radiation types and energies.

The High-Radiation to Materials facility (HiRadMat), located in the Meyrin Site on the SPS accelerator is designed to provide High-Power LHC-type pulsed beams.

The CERN-EU high-energy Reference Field (CERF) is located in the North Area providing a neutron field for characterizaion of dosimetry at commercial flight altitudes and in space.

The CC60 Facility located in Prevessin site in building 772 provides a Cobalt-60 source for calibrations at low dose rates(ELDRS) as well as high dose rates.