Welcome to the CERN Irradiation Facilities website.

The website information are public, however some sections are oriented to the CERN community.

February 2017: Database is being validated by the Irradiation Facilities coordinators.


The Proton Irradiation Facility is located on the T8 beam-line in the Meyrin site East Area of the 24 GeV Proton Synchrotron (PS).

The new Gamma Irradiation Facility (GIF++) is located in the North Area. It combines a 15 TBq 137Cs source with a high-energy particle beam from the SPS H4 beam line.

The Cern High energy AcceleRator Mixed field facility (CHARM), located in the East Area, features a wide spectrum of radiation types and energies.

The High-Radiation to Materials facility (HiRadMat), located in the Meyrin Site on the SPS accelerator is designed to provide High-Power LHC-type pulsed beams.

The CERN-EU high-energy Reference Field (CERF) is located in the North Area providing a neutron field for characterizaion of dosimetry at commercial flight altitudes and in space.

This new dedicated state-of- the-art facility replaces the ageing facility in building 172 (~30 years old). It also provides a Cobalt-60 source for calibrations at low dose rates(ELDRS) as well as high dose rates.

The Very energetic Electron facility for Space Planetary Exploration missions in harsh Radiative environments is a high energy electron beamline for radiation testing which is part of the CTF3 experimental linear electron accelerator at CERN.